The Year-Round South-By Guy’s Guide to SXSW

I made this video for IFC that lays out a comprehensive fitness program for keeping yourself in peak condition for South By Southwest all year long. Watch it to get your shit together before you go to Austin in a few weeks.

Alex is readier than you will ever be.

I am a cliche

I CANNOT HANDLE MYSELF RIGHT NOW. I am on tumblr. at Starbucks with two filled up Moleskine notebooks covered in doodles drinking a triple shot non-fat latte (they know my order when I come in all I have to say is hot or iced) typing on my MacBook Pro on Spotify listening to Grimes working on graphic design with my Canon Rebel’s camera bag propped up behind it looking through my “geek-chic” glasses. And this photo was almost taken on Instagram. 

Then it all became too much. 

I. am. a cliche.

And I can’t stop laughing about it. 

The only thing more annoying about any of this is that it’s all taking place at a Starbucks. I should not be at a Starbucks. I am not a fan of massive corporations. Which just confined the rest of my being to the aforementioned cliche, if there was even anything left to confine.

But I live in Dallas, and above a Starbucks. I would love to go to a local coffee place, but I don’t want to drive my hypocritical ass over to one. Plus I love everyone here. They’re a little family.

And that is something to keep in mind. 

Corporations include people like you and me too, who do not intend to cause harm to local businesses. So when we consider corporations, we must also consider their employees.

Nothing is all bad. Nothing, and no one.

Also, please don’t forget to laugh at yourself. And never to take yourself too seriously. 

And be yourself, even if it means looking like a stereotype when you hate them. 

Stereotypes only matter if you care about what other people think.

So just don’t :)

Love you. Or should I say, NAMASTE, young grasshopper.